martes, 3 de noviembre de 2009

Welcome to Spanish Marathon Blog

Spain has lived its golden age of Marathon with the great athletes of Abel Anton and Martin Fiz, but also with great runners like Fabian Roncero, Jose Rios, Julio Rey, Toni Peña, Antonio Serrano, Alejandro Gomez or Diego Garcia and Alberto Juzdado.

This generation is exceptionally difficult to replace and repeatable and it will be dificult to see the real value of the new generations of distance runners emerging from the Spanish athletics. This new generation, perhaps not as high level or density as the big one, and which are overshadowed by the recent "golden age" of Spanish marathon.

This new generation of athletes led by Chema Martínez , can not be left out of history, but if large continental level to further strengthen the image and Spanish tradition in depth tests on the European continent along with Italian, French and Portuguese, as the great powers of European fund.

Names like Rafael Iglesias, Nacho Caceres, Pedro Nimo, Javier Diaz Carretero, David Solis, Fernando Rey, Ivan Galan, Roger Roca, Asier Cuevas or, in the future, like Miguel Ángel Gamonal, Jose Luis Blanco, the steeple runner which it had announced its debut after the Barcelona 2010 European, Pablo Villalobos, Ricardo Serrano, Antonio Nunez or younger as Javier Guerra, Javier López Villarrubia "Bikilita" and future promise as Carlos Gazapo from Extremadura.

To follow the evolution, competitions and news about this generation of this generation of spanish marathon runners will be the goal of this Blog. The reference in high-level marathon in Spain in the coming years.

I hope you enjoy.

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